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Visa Information

The Embassy of Bosnia & Herzegovina in Abu Dhabi has consular responsibility for the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

A foreigner shall be considered to have entered Bosnia & Herzegovina once he/she has crossed the state border of Bosnia & Herzegovina, or passed the post where the border control is performed.

A foreigner may enter Bosnia & Herzegovina if he/she has a valid passport or other identification document that he/she may use for crossing the state border of Bosnia & Herzegovina, provided that its validity does not expire on the day of entry into the country.


Citizens of the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain are exempted from the visa requirements when entering, exiting or traveling through Bosnia and Herzegovina for up to 90 days.

A list of countries that are exempted from the visa regime is available on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina web site

Citizens of the European Union Member States, citizens of countries that signed Schengen Agreement and citizens of Andorra, Montenegro, Lichtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Serbia, Holly See and Switzerland can use their Identity Cards as a travel document to enter, exit and pass over BiH.

Foreigners who have multiple Schengen visa or European Union member state visa or residence permit of the Schengen Agreement country or European Union member state, or UK visa or USA Visa can travel from the UAE and the Kingdom of Bahrain to Bosnia and Herzegovina and stay up to 30 days.

Diplomatic, service or ordinary passport holders accredited with the Department of Diplomatic Protocol at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and who have been issued a special card, are visa exempted for entry/transit/stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Passport holders of other countries (not exempted) have to obtain a visa in order to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Visa Application

All visa applications must be submitted in person.  The Embassy do not accept applications sent through email.

Listed below are the documents required when applying for a visa to Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  1. A valid passport of the applicant
  2. Application form (completed and signed)
  3. Copy of a valid UAE / Bahrain residence visa
  4. Copy of a round trip ticket or itinerary
  5. One passport size picture
  6. Travel insurance
  7. No objection letter from your company or your sponsor

In addition to the above, the following items must be presented:

a) If traveling as a tourist:
  1. Voucher of the travel agency stating that the trip has been paid in full
  2. Copy of your bank statement for the last 3 months

b) If visiting friends and/or relatives:
  1. Letter of invitation from the person(s) the applicant intends to visit, certified by the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Department for Foreign Citizens.

c) If traveling on business:
  1. Letter from the employer stating the purpose of the trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina
  2. Letter of invitation from a company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, certified by the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Department for Foreign Citizens.

Applications should be made at least 10-30 days before your intended departure date. Bonsia & Herzegovina's fees cover only a part of the work necessary to process your application. Because processing fees are only for handling your application, you will not get your money back, even if your application is refused.

IMPORTANT: Foreigners can be asked at the point of entry into Bosnia and Herzegovina to present all relevant documents on the basis of which a visa was issued. A visa does not guarantee entry into Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Visa Fees

Short Term Entry Visa (C)
Single entry-exit visa or transit visa
: 146 AED
Multiple entry-exit visa up to 90 days
: 269 AED
Long Term Entry Visa (D)
Multiple entry-exit visa over 90 days
: 339 AED

For the applicants of the United Arab Emirates, all payments are done in the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Abu Dhabi with a Visa or Master card only, the embassy do not accept payments in cash.

For the applicants of the Kingdom of Bahrain, the payments can be done through wire transfer on the below account details:

Bank name: National Bank of Abu Dhabi
Branch: Main Branch
Address: UAE, Abu Dhabi, One NBAD Tower, Sheikh Khalifa Street

Account Name: Embassy of Bosnia & Herzegovina
Account Number: 157330092
IBAN: AE410350000000157330092
Account Currency: AED

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